The Grampians is home to a diverse range of wildflowers that flower differently every spring depending on the unique combination of rain, light, wind temperature and the recency of bush fires. It is a constant, every changing source of joy each season to experience another unique spring . This years abundance of rain and cooler days resulted in an amazing display of wildflowers appearing in unexpected places - alongside the road and through the bush in new places.  This series captures a sense of the breadth and beauty of the wildflowers, the diverse range of locations and brings into the images through feathers, abandoned nests and mushrooms an echo of a landscape teeming with life.      
All works are for sale  - unframed prices $350 for small fine art prints (approx. 250 x 300 mm) and $550 for  medium fine art prints  (approx. 400 x 500 mm).  Custom sizes and prices available upon request.

Spring on the roadside I

Spring on the roadside II

Still life with mushrooms

Still life with emu egg

Still life with two nests

Dreaming of emus

Grampians wild spring I

Grampians wild spring II

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