Farming has undergone significant consolidation over the past 20 years, changing landscapes and communities as a smaller number of large farms have emerged. Thriving small communities are changing with the consolidation and as a result many homes on properties are no longer used, and the gardens around them no longer tended as they were once were.  This series of images was created with the secret treasures of one such garden, as spring progresses flowers suddenly and unexpectedly emerge.  Irises of unexpected colours, lilacs suddenly appear as if by magic and roses bloom in abundance.  The lack of ongoing pruning and structured maintenance resulting in semi wild old roses, growing in unexpected ways and yet still producing the most extraordinary blooms. The images in this series draws on this inspiration - the resulting images capturing the abandoned abundance.    
All works are for sale  - unframed prices $350 for small fine art prints (approx. 250 x 300 mm) and $550 for  medium fine art prints  (approx. 400 x 500 mm).  Custom sizes and prices available upon request.


Still life with nest

Dreaming of lilacs

Still life with lilac

Abandoned garden I

Abandoned garden II

Abandoned garden III

Bathing in roses

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