These images reflect the tamed and structured garden spaces, where every plant is deliberately placed and their spring flowering is waited for with deliberation and excitement.  Every flower is anticipated and watched from first budding through to full flowering.  This series celebrates the range and beauty in a managed garden, deliberate choices of plants being made and placements controlled and planned.  This years experiment was growing poppies in abundance from seed.  Planting was a haphazard dispersal of seeds creating a wildflower garden that provided inspiration for this series.
All works are for sale  - unframed prices $350 for small fine art prints (approx. 250 x 300 mm) and $550 for  medium fine art prints  (approx. 400 x 500 mm).  Custom sizes and prices available upon request.



Still life with iris

Still life with poppies

Still life with dwarf iris

Abundance I

Abundance II

Dreaming of poppies

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